Fashion Must-Haves for Fall 2010

26 Oct

There are a few things that you need in your wardrobe aside from the basics for fall! Make room in your closet for these must-haves!

Statement Necklace

Whether its classy, funky, pretty, or chunky, it will definetly flatter you!

If you do do a statement necklace, make sure to keep your clothes less attention grabbing so all eyes will be on your neck. It will show off your neck and a little cleavage!

Oxford Flats

I personally LOVE these. They look adorable with patterned tights and a minidress, rolled up boyrfirend jeans, they are so versatile! Chose a pair that have a design that could be switched up. Plus, they are real leather! And, oxford flats can be used in all the seasons! So make sure to grab a pair of these.

Leopard Print


With anything leopard, less is more.A bright print with dark clothes is the right pop if color. Shoes and gloves are my favorite choose of leopard print.

Fringe/Moccasin Boots

These are perfect for akmost EVERYTHING. From knee-high to ankle-high and black suede to chesnut with bright beads. Really cute with faded wash shorts or ripped skinny jeans/jeggings.


These are really hot this fall, staright from New York Fashion Week. Pair them with black pants, or tights. Also, navajo prints could be really cute with this and are popular lately.

Happy Shopping!


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